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These are tough times for the the sanctuaries, many of which will be experiencing lower levels of donations - so if you can support them please do. As they say, every little helps!

Animal sanctuaries

The Farm Animal Sanctuary

Vegan-run sanctuary in Evesham, Worcestershire with over 500 rescued sheep and other farm animals. Run by Janet Taylor. Online adoption scheme.

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Vegan-run sanctuary in Wolverton, Warwickshire for over 800 farm animals, cared for by volunteers. Online adoption scheme.

Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust

Vegan-run charity in Eridge Green, Kent, which rescues and rehabilitates over 3,500 wildlife casualties a year. Set up by Dave and Annette Risley. Online 'adopt a hedgehog' scheme and supporters club.

Forget-Me-Not Animal Rescue

Vegan-run animal rescue in Wales for farmed, domestic and wild animals.

Helicopter Ears

Rabbit and small animal rescue, re-home, and retirement in Bedfordshire

Hillfields Animal Sanctuary

Vegan-run sanctuary in Blackwell near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Set up by Lyn Tudor. Cares for farm animals, unwanted domestic pets, birds and injured wild animals. Online adoption scheme and regular open days.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Vegan-run sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Frettenham, Norwich. Set up by Wendy Valentine. Online adoption scheme. Also organises campaigns on behalf of farm animals.

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Vegan-run animal sanctuary in Essex. Set up by Fiona Oakes. See the website for details of the animals which are available to sponsor.